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Discover the story of Amandine and Loris, passionate farmers!

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Eucalyptus, an inseparable ingredient of the Provençal recipe MistralGin

MistralGin in the eucalyptus fields of Amandine and Loris, passionate farmers in Provence.

Every year from January, a yellow tide invades the Tanneron massif. Atthis time of the year the mimosa brings happiness, warmth and cheerfulness in the heart of winter. This period is the best time to visit this part of Provence, where the mimosa and its friend the eucalyptus offer us splendid landscapes and bewitch typicalperfumes.

The typicity of our soils, both sandy and acid, as well as the very sunny climate of the region, allows these two trees to coexist perfectly and flourish. Eucalyptus is often admired for the beauty of its leaves. There are several varieties in Provence, here in the south of France, including the magnificent one from Tanneron with blue-gray foliage, called Cinerea eucalyptus.

Integrated into the MistralGin blend, eucalyptus foliage; both expressive and powerful; gives a subtle touch of freshness characteristic of Provence. Eucalyptus is one of the 6 ingredients sourced in Provence and inseparable from the MistralGin recipe.

We went to Tanneron to introduce you to the history and fields of the family of Loris and Amandine, 4th generation of young and passionate farmers who took over the family business in the center of Alpes Maritimes. A few years ago, they left their respective jobs to concentrate on the handover of the exploitation of eucalyptus and mimosa. It was crucial and key for both Amandine and Loris to perpetuate the know-how of their elders, that they carry with pride.

MistralGin is proud to promote the work and the devotion of this next generation of people for whom nature and family are at the heart of their way of life.

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