New look for MistralGin - Mistral Gin

New look for MistralGin

MistralGin and tonic in a... Harvest 2021 for Cuvée Mistral

A new label designed for you!

3 years after its launch, MistralGin is proud to present its new packaging!

More sophisticated and refined! With always the same pleasure to share!

Recent market studies have identified areas for improvement and proved that MistralGin attracts consumers:

The recipe, the unique blend using all the so typical know-how of Provence, is popular with gin lovers.

It also appeals to new amateurs thanks to an identifiable aromatic profile.

Customer feedback allowed us to understand that they needed more explanation on the taste characteristics of the product: our gin is rosé, but not “pink”, neither flavored nor sweet. It is the result of several distillations, and totally DRY.

For this new design, we therefore decided to capitalize on the word DRY by making it more visible! We also have premiumized the design by modernizing the label for a clearer and more readable look. Refined and sophisticated look.

Result: the preference between the old VS the new packaging is clear! Nearly 70% of the panel interviewed during our studies prefers the new packaging. Moreover, the understanding of the «DRY» has doubled!

Convincing figures that prove that our investment and research work with consumers is effective!

That’s Dare and Drink; to listen, to question and reinvent itself, often; in order forever, to satisfy consumers as best as possible.

We are proud to share with you today all key details of our marketing researches which supported the new design of MistralGin.