Harvest 2021 for Cuvée Mistral

Harvest 2021 for Cuvée Mistral

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The new vintage « 2021 » is getting ready!

Cuvée Mistral AOC Côtes de Provence rosé and white wines found their character and freshness from the best Provençal terroirs of the appellation.

We have created real links with the region’s winegrowers to integrate them into our project. With such relationships, we join in-depth knowledge of our terroirs and our know-how on the key grape varieties of the region via regular tasting and meetings.

Areas next to Cuers and Pierrefeu as well as Lorgues region have been selected thanks to their favorable terroirs to a great blend:
• At less than 400m altitude, vineyards covering Cuers and Pierrefeu benefits from maritime influences as well as continental ones. This specific area is based there on a red clay-sandy geological valley surrounded by red-brown silty-clay soils covered with gravel-schist on the hillsides.
• Further north, surroundings of the village of Lorgues is the main production region for rosés in Provence, where the “triastic” plateau is encircled by a landscape of hills and limestone valleys. It is very close to the Massif des Maures or the Tanneron that it allows the vines to flourish at their best. The vines rest on a calcareous red clay soil where the maritime influence plays a less important role than in the south of Provence with a maturity shifted by two weeks on average.
The magnificent vineyards, the surrounding mountains, the nearby maritime influence, are undoubtedly proof of the diversity of the typical Provençal landscapes that are recognizable throughout the world.

Thanks to the selection of such terroirs, we offer a unique experience by magnifying Provence! Provence is a vineyard characterized by the large range of grape varieties like Grenache, Tibouren, Cinsault, Syrah, Carignan, Vermentino (where Rolle as it is called here !) and Ugni blanc.

Did you know?

Tibouren is the king varietal of Provence where it is cultivated on the shores of the Mediterranean and especially in the Bandol region. This grape variety is elegant, fruity, with a structure on the palate with spicy notes. It is renowned for its excellence and its Provençal typicity. We giving a prominent place to this grape variety to offer an elegant and high-end aromatic profile for our Cuvée Mistral rosé.

To find out more about these terroirs and grape varieties, go to the Cuvée Mistral page, and check the technical sheets of our Provençal wines.

Many thanks to all our winegrowers partners where harvest went really well … despite a delay in maturity of nearly 15 days, the grapes are quality and promise a nice 2021 vintage.
While waiting for this new blend, find out more aboutn our rosé and white, fruity and balanced wines!