Our partner distillery

  • Established in 1898, our partner distillery is based in Forcalquier, in the heart of the Alpes de Haute-Provence region, not far from Luberon.
  • The nearby mountain, Montagne de Lure, offers an inexhaustible source of botanicals growing here for thousands of years.
    Medicinal herbs have been gathered here since the Middle Ages, but it was not until the 17th and 18th centuries that the frequent use of these plants intensified with the arrival of numerous pharmacists and apothecaries.
  • We currently have access to certain botanicals harvested here by hand for MistralGin.

Provence region

The Mistral corridor

The method of distillation

  • Thanks to the many investments in the past few years, the distillery has been able to acquire new equipments to apply modern distillation methods.
  • The gathering between century old tradition and modern technology allowed us to put together this unique distillation method.
  • The use of two different alambics is one of the key stage of the process, to optimise the aromas extraction : a swan-neck traditional alambic (charentais) equipped with a gin basket and a column pot-still give us the capacity to chose and calibrate the distillation process according to each botanicals and their maturity.