MistralGin: a unique dry gin that exalts our senses!

MistralGin: a unique dry gin that exalts our senses!

Harvest 2021 for Cuvée Mistral Opening of the Mistral Gin...

MistralGin is a concentrate of Provence in a bottle

The blend of 12 plants including 6 aromatic plants from Provence make it so special: a rosé dry gin high in flavor and color!

High in flavors!

Associated with the traditional botanicals of gin, it is basil, thyme, fennel, eucalyptus, mint and grapefruit, that blended together, will bring these sunny and typical flavors to our gin.

Mint and eucalyptus are bringing a particular freshness to MistralGin…

Just like grapefruit, this juicy and acid citrus fruit with a refreshing power that makes our gin slightly fruity!

The fennel with anise flavors acts as a flavor enhancer, while the basil and thyme soften it all, while reinforcing these emblematic notes of Provence and Méditerranée.

This final blend results in a fragrant dry gin, rosé in color, extremely delicate and surprisingly fresh.

High in color!

Our gin is rose. However, it is not “pink” or flavored. MistralGin is a dry gin with the colors of optimism and dynamism. In the colors of a generational and without frontiers lifestyle that promotes good times and love as Art of Living. Rosé color symbolizes Provence and is very often found in south of Fance landscapes, when the sky; throughout the year; reveals its palette of warm shades, sometimes flamboyant, sometimes pastel

In the end, MistralGin exalts all our senses and transports us to this universe, where Provençal Art-de-Vivre and sun dominate. MistralGin is this incomparable desire to look on the bright side of life and enjoy it: life is good, every day is a celebration and the present moment is perfect.

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